Angelique tulips

alyciaadamo(3/4)May 14, 2010

I am so frustrated! I waited two years for my Angelique's to come up (I lost my first batch and planted the second batch to late)and now that they are up they don't even look like the pictures at all! They very very pale pink almost white and they don't even look double! Right now only one is blooming the rest aren't open yet. If NONE of them look like the picture I am so digging them up. Not only are they not fragrant but they are late and SHORT! I could have dealt with all these downfalls if they looked like they were supposed to!

Are these flowers just not "stable" or "uniform"? As long as there is a chance the others will look like they are supposed to I can deal with a couple that aren't so Angelique! I will just have to dig them all up and put them together, so you don't notice as much. Not what I planned but I could deal, I just can't deal with super light pink, late, not fragrant AND not double!

I will post a picture tomorrow.

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OK The powers that be are really like to play tricks. I went out there this morning and it had a tinge of pink, maybe a shade darker than yesterday. I went out this afternoon and found this......

I swear it was white yesterday!

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