Looking for pretty flower/bulbs/alliums

jerryngeorgia31557(8)May 26, 2009

I am looking for allium bulbs that is for looks/pretty flowers and not anything else. I don't care about the onion and garlic smells unless they have pretty blooms. I have tried glads, tulips and freesa's and they never came back after the 1st year. I planted 900 glad bulbs, 50 tulips and 75 freeza's year before last and nothing came of them last year. I guess it is because of being located in SE Georgia and the heat and wet weather. I do not have any bulbs to trade but I do have yellow Lady Banks rose cuttings to trade.

Would someone give me advise on what to use even if you don't want to trade. I think you would love the lady banks roses though. I appreciate this site so much and have found some great people to deal with.

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Nell Jean

I have no bulbs for trade, nor advice but I can tell you what bulbs I successfully grow in zone 8b SW GA.

What grows for me in the hottest, most humid part of the state are certain daffodils: jonquillas, triandrus types, miniatures and cyclamineus types; hyacinths do well for me. Those are the early spring bulbs.

Late spring: agapanthus, amaryllis, Longiflorum/Asiatic hybrid lilies, and Calla lilies.
In summer: crocosmia, crinum, caladium, colocasia, Oriental/Trumpet lilies and their hybrids; cannas

In late summer and fall: lycoris and sternbergia

I've grown tulips and freesias. Like yours they didn't come back. Tulips are too much trouble, freesias prefer greenhouse treatment. The alliums I planted didn't grow, either. Glads do come back for me sometimes but not always.

Bulbs that have not done well for me include dahlias, tuberoses and muscari. I saw blooms but not increase.

Recommended bulbs that I have not tried include leucojum and zepharanthes, but I have seen these growing in gardens in Grady County.

BrentandBeckysBulbs have their summer bulbs on sale until June 1.


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e36yellowm3(7 Raleigh, NC)

Hi Jerry, I've gotten allium to perform pretty well here in NC. I planted some of these 'Alpine Rosy Bells' a few years ago and they've gotten really thick. Daffodils do really well for me too. If I were you, I'd also try Hippeastrum (aka Amaryllis). I'm sure they'd over winter for you. I'm going to try some here outside this winter. Below is a picture of my allium from mid-April. Good luck! Alana From GardenWeb pics

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