xxbodhixx(Zone7 TX)December 31, 2007

I live in West Texas and for the past several years have looked out upon the vast cotton fields here and wondered whether or not cotton would survive bonsai life.

I did some searching and only found 1 example on the web, but could not find any information on if it is deciduous. Wikipedia says that it is tropical or subtropical but also says that it doesn't have a minimum temperature requirement??

Has anyone ever tried this experiment or have any insight? I collected several boles today and will plant in the spring. Any insight would be appreciated.


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Never heard of it being tried, but don't know enough about growth habit to say one way or another, but does it in fact get a woody trunk, have a reasonable lifespan and possibly bud back (on the lower trunk or rear-ward on branches) if cut? Does the trunk fatten up to any extent and then taper? Of course Cottonwood trees are used, but I've been around bonsai a looong time and no one to my knowledge has even ever raised the issue, though a lot of unusual things have been asked about (i.e. mesquite).

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bonsaibean(7 - TN)

I'm not sure if cotton plants will survive for multiple years which would be a first important requirement. I live in Tennessee, and there is plenty of cotton around, but it's always harvested annually, and the remainders of the plants are left to die or plowed under. It is a pretty rough looking plant, so if you could get one to survive for years, it could work.

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xxbodhixx(Zone7 TX)

I live in Lubbock, Texas and it is covered in cotton. I know that they spray something on the plants before harvest that makes the plants drop all of it's leaves and open the boll. Then I think they just plow the plant under. No one seems to know if they will live for years if cared for. Not even botanical web sites. It's odd.

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go to that site and read. It is NOT an annual.

Here is a link that might be useful: Cotton info

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