watering dormant bulbs

bartjonesJune 18, 2009

So last fall I planted some crocuses and daffodils in containers. I left them outside on the patio over the winter and in the spring they popped up and bloomed nicely. They are now done blooming and I left them in a sunny spot after they were done and watered them once a week. Now the foliage has all died back and turned brown. I'm hoping they will come back next spring but am wondering this. While they are dormant, do I need to give them any water? I know ranunculus bulbs don't like water while they are dormant. What about crocuses and daffodils?

Second question is the same but with respect to freesias which I planted in containers outside in the fall and brought indoors after we began to get close to frost time. They also bloomed wonderfully indoors from January to about April. I moved them outside again in late April, left them in a sunny spot and watered them about once a week. The foliage has now died and I'm hoping they will come back next fail. How often should I water them if at all?

Thanks in advance for any help.

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If your container soil is good quality fast draining soil less mix, I would keep the containers in a shady or partial shady area to keep the soil temperature down in the summer. Occasional water or rain water will be OK and they will remain dormant through the heat of summer. Well drained soil is the key to keeping bulbs in the containers year around with no rotting. Al

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It's not a soilless mix but it does drain very well, so it sounds like I'm okay to just leave them outside.

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

In a shady area.

Since they're potted, remember to begin fertilizing when leaves show. Low nitrogen.

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