Dutch Bulbs in Mexico

vikingboy2013June 22, 2011

I was thinking of taking some Dutch bulbs to my relatives in Mexico City. They live in an area of the city which is closer to the mountains since the city is in a valley. The area has winter temperatures of upper 30s at night and 60s at day and summer only gets up to 85 and 50s at night. Winter gets little rain, spring is hot and dry, summer is rainy and mild and autumn is mild with avg. rain. So their zone is 9b. Could they successfully grow Dutch bulbs such as tulips, daffodils, hyacinths, and crocus? Take in to consideration they'd amend the soil with coarse sand for drainage and protect them from animals with cages and repellents. With care such as fertilization and division could these grow as perennials?

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

I could be wrong: I think the dry winter and spring would be the lid on having perennials from most Narcissus, tulips and hyacinths - unless they were prepared to water. And the jump to 'hot and dry' for spring definitely shortens flowering time and quality.

However: if you were to look for SouthAfrican bulbs from their summer-wet/winter-dry zones you'd probably get the perennial effect you were after, though not in spring.

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Likely would be an insufficent chill period as well. Bulbs would have to be dug and refrigerated each year in order to achieve a proper dormant chill level. Some narcissus can do without but most other spring flowering "Dutch" bulbs will not.

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The customs will confiscate the bulbs if they catch you as it's strictly forbidden to introduce flowers, bulbs, seeds or vegetables. I probably live in the same zone and I've been growing daffodils successfully for years. They are the only bulbs that grow well. Surprisingly they withstand several months of heavy rain in the summer and you don't need to lift them if you have good drainage.Hiacynths need refrigeration for 2 to 3 months before planting, the other bulbs don't thrive although tulips will grow well the first season if you manage to smuggle them through customs. But you have to sign a form where you swear you don't carry plant material so it can be unpleasant if they catch you

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