Chinese Elm Winter

sedonakid66(6)December 14, 2012

Hello all,

I am wondering the best method to ocer winter my small chinese elm here in pa. I am thinking in the garage, but just check the soil often?

I am not an expert, but really would like to get good at this.

Thanks all

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I am in PA and I have my elms in a sun room with no heat. They all still have leaves and continue to grow but have hardened off. I am no expert either though.

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That is pretty neat Jon. I wish I had a sun room. I may wrap it with some burlap and find a good place in the garage until Spring, and look forward to seeing it come back.......


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Here is something I copied from a bonsai site. Hope this helps.

Chinese Elm might be both indoor as well as outdoor bonsai. It appears as semi-evergreen tree when it is planted as an indoor bonsai and as a deciduous tree when it is grown as an outdoor bonsai. These plants are considered to be frost hardy, but most varieties can be acclimatised to outdoor conditions only with time and should still be given frost protection as sub zero temperatures can damage roots and branches. Cold wind can be also harmful for the plant.

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Thak you all. Right now I have it indoors in a room that is quite cool and not very bright light. It has lost some leaves, but is ok.

Next year I may let it start to go dormant outdoors, I got it as a xmas gift so I had a late start.


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