Lowe's Mallsai?

ryan_tree(7aVA)December 2, 2008

Hello! I recently got my first bonsai tree from the store Lowes. Has anyone ever seen their bonsai? If so, you notice they are mallsai. I got a Chinese Elm from there as an early Christmas present. I am asking a question about all the leaves on the tree. They have all fallen off. It was not in correct soil. I put it in deciduous bonsai soil. When my mom gave it to me she said she got it in the indoor part of Lowes. I am also asking if this tree should be outside for the winter. Should it? I have it indoors next to a window. I need some advice please!! THANKS!

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HI, first of all, what is deciduous bonsai soil please? Second, the leaves may have fallen because it's what deciduous trees do in the fall, but as your tree was indoors all the time (store + you) it's hard to say if that's what happened or whether they fell for some other reason. You don't say how much light it really gets for how long each day, whether it's a relatively cool room or if it's on top of a heater (hope not!). And you haven't said how you water, how much, how often, etc. etc. so it's hard to tell what's wrong (if anything is). Outside may be right, but it depends, so ... more info please!

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It gets a good amount of sunlight each day, but Im unsure of the number of hours. Lowes used to have this tree outside, but would occasionally bring it inside for a while, then put it back out. I water it everyday so the water comes out the bottom of the pot. The temp. inside is about 70F. Not on a heater, lol. Im not sure what the bonsai soil is, I bought it as it said for deciduous trees. It looks like it has turface, and some bark chips. Water drains fast out of it.

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kool pic

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Ummmmm okay?

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Well you're in VA, and I don't know how cold it gets there overnite in January, but for the majority of the time that it's above ~ 20 F., if you keep it in a box of mulch with a little on top too, and not fuss if snow falls on it, plus water only if the soil thaws enough to dry on top, then you should be fine I think. Don't wait though, because it apparently was used to being out and did drop leaves. Scratch the trunk to see if it's alive (in case mites or something nasty got it) but if it is, just proceed.

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