Container Centerpiece Ideas HELP. Wedding Planning

jennybellFebruary 12, 2012

HI All,

I am in the process of planning my nature inspired wedding. I am looking to you for your experience and knowledge. My wedding will be outdoors on a private lake. I am decorating myself. The wedding is nature themed. I am hoping to have a centerpiece consisting of either a tabletop garden OR a terrarium. I want something unique as far as the container goes. Any ideas you can help provide would be awesome. I really liked the idea of using a dish strainer, but that my soon to be hubby turned that one down. So I have to keep looking.

Please help.


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Jenny, I've put together several weddings, including my own... and though I find it easier to work with silk flowers... mainly because of freshness, time lines, expenses, and seasonal issues, I will tell you that the ideas out there are endless! The problem you will have, once you begin to look around, is what idea to go with!

My advice to you would be: start with Google and use as many key words that describe what you have in mind, including the words "wedding table decorations". Another idea is to take a walk through the bridal sections of craft stores.

Find out what will be in season at the time of your wedding.

Terrariums might be a bit difficult, only because they require certain circumstances and environments to keep them looking fresh, and you will be pressed for time as the wedding draws near.

Bell canning jars, with ribbons candles and sand... small watering cans used as vases... baskets of pre-planted herbs... the list goes on... annuals or perennials in pots of your colors, using raffia as bows, so each guest can take home a living memory...

Take a peek in a few bridal magazines and see what's popular... thumb through wedding craft magazines at your local craft stores...

Michael's or Hobby Lobby are the two largest hobby stores in my area...

A few things to think about... what are your colors? How many tables will you have? What other things will you be decorating to match, such as cake or gift tables, card box, bridal table, the aisle you'll be walking down, the chairs edging that aisle, a wedding arch? Etc...

Just to give you an idea, I once created the decorations for the wedding of an avid horsewoman... she was dressed in your typical English style outfit with polished boots, skirt, jacket... and the derby hat she wore was rimmed in white flowers with tulle and ribbons trailing like a veil. Instead carrying a bouquet, she carried a riding crop decorated in the same white flowers, ribbons, and tulle bows, all trailing like a fancy bouquet...

I know I haven't been much help, specifically speaking... but I hope I've shown you that you are only limited by your imagination and budget!

Happy Wedding Planning! :-)

The internet and craft stores are loaded with ideas! Mix and match even! It's YOUR wedding!

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we had our reception in a huge log cabin on a lake, and we also did a lot of our own decorating to save money. We got a collection of rustic looking tin and metal containers, drilled holes into the bottom for drainage, filled them with potting soil and then planted wheatgrass in them (from the bulk section at Whole Foods). They looked like little grass flats, and on the day of the reception we sunk offwhite candles into them.

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See? You are only limited by imagination and budget! That's a great idea, Emcd!

You could employ wildflowers, craft store purchased bird nests spray painted in sparkly white, wild collected grape vine decorated with whatever you like... endless possibilities!

Tulle comes in all colors and widths now, and makes awesome bows and streamers and swags.

Dollar Stores and Party Stores can net some really great and reasonably priced ideas, too!

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All these ideas are very helpful. Thank you both for your ideas. I am currently playing with the idea of using woven or wire baskets (with liners of course) or maybe even large terra cotta saucers.

Thank you and if any other ideas pop into your mind, please feel free to share ;)

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marquest(z5 PA)

I like succulents so these are my ideas using tender succulents or Sempervivum.

This could be done in any size terracotta pot.

I do not know......since you are having your wedding around water if sea shell could be an option. The dollar store sales bags of small, medium and large sea shells that you could plant some Semps or tender succulents.

Here is another site that has a lot of ideas using succulents and sedum in containers. They even have a dish strainer lol

Here is a link that might be useful: Black Cat Ideas

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marquest(z5 PA)

Swan Planter

Here is a link that might be useful: Swan

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Did you mention chosen colors or a theme? Nature inspired actually covers a lot of ground.

Budget will play a huge role... sometimes, do-it-yourself weddings end up nickel and diming you to death... if you do it right, though, you can save a small fortune!

My advice would be start making lists. Get all your important ducks in a row first. When, where, how many guests, colors, theme...

You'll need to book a minister, invitations, music/entertainment, food, cake, bar/drinks, photography... you'll need alternate arrangements in case of rain or bad weather... you'll need to think about parking for guests, powder rooms (bathroom facilities) for guests...

And remember, you're the bride... so you won't have time to do anything on the day of the wedding, except get ready... you'll need lots of help. And you'll need good rest the night before.

You'll need seating for the guests during the wedding... then there's the reception... tables and seating. Are you doing buffet? Or large sit down catering? Dance floor? The wedding will be outdoors by the lake, and will the reception be indoors, or outdoors?

Timing... you want everything timed so it all goes well, and there are no large gaps where guests don't quite know what to do.

Just a few questions to ask yourself, and keep in mind... weddings are often hectic, and the better you can plan ahead, the better prepared you'll be in case something comes up you weren't expecting.

You'll sort of want the theme to carry through... from the bouquets and boutonnieres, to the table decorations and any hall decorations... bridal table, cake table, gift table, card box, etc... a word of caution - gift table and card box should be near the bridal table or where there will always be someone to keep an eye on it - as far from an exit as possible.

You mentioned dish strainers above... and I just recalled seeing small pasta sieves at a large store in really nifty colors... those could be lined with moss and planted with succulents or annuals... then the guests could take them home.

The ideas are so endless that when I did my own wedding, I hardly knew where to begin! I began using Google, and using key words that helped me locate pictures of what I sort of hand in mind... I ended up at a second hand store buying about 50 coffee cup saucers, spray painted them white, sprinkled on glitter while still wet, and I found a sale at Hobby Lobby on tall white scented candles at 50 cents each. I hot-glued a ring of matching flowers to each saucer, and it turned out fabulous. It was a November wedding with white and burgundy as colors, all silk flowers for ease of prepping ahead, mostly roses.

Everyone has contributed such nice ideas... and if you spend a few days going through wedding how-to books, magazines, the internet and its many wedding sites and blogs, craft magazines... you'll have so many ideas, I know you'll find the right one for your wedding.

I think key for you will be keeping lists... keeping a budget... and checking things off your list as they are accomplished. In fact, I know some of the wedding sites have lists you can print to help you out a bit.

Candy bars are really popular right now, but if it will a summer wedding, that might not work out. Photo booths are also popular... where you hire a photographer, and they set up a booth like you see at malls, and you get to take 4 snap shots, then they go right into a wedding album, and the guests can write a personal message. My son and daugther-in-law just did that and it was so much fun!

Centerpieces... depending on when the wedding is, there should be plenty of flowers available in a rainbow of colors... once you've chosen your main colors, you shouldn't have any problems matching up potted centerpieces in any container type you like... baskets, shells, boxes, colored plastic flower pots, clay pots, anything can be a container as long as it holds some soil.

And don't forget keeping a list for gifts, and sending thank you cards... it's the personal touches that mean the most. :-)

I wish you the best!

Here is a link that might be useful: One Link of Many...

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