growing dwarf bulbs under cover

ortsaJune 27, 2012

Hello, i would like to grow some bulbs in pots in my alpine house. i have got an idea of the bulbs i want to grow but i have been having difficulty finding detailed cutural information on specific bulbs, particularly with how to treat bulbs while dormant. the websites and books i have read meerely say that Some bulbs need to be kept slightly moist but never detail which bulbs. what im looking for are websites or reference books which give that kind of detail. i know the way i want to grow the bulbs isnt common but there must be some material that relates to that method of growing, does anyone know of anything?

thanks for the help.

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Checking online bulb by bulb generally provides the most detailed information as even different species of bulbs from the same genus can require different care. Be sure to search under correct botanical name..

One of the best online resources I have encountered, especially for uncommon bulbs, is the Pacific Bulb Society. Lots of great info on their website and they very generously respond to emails.

Here is a link that might be useful: Pacific Bulb Society

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