Will Lady Bank Roses grow large and survive in large container?

729zoomFebruary 9, 2014

I have 22' by 10' shed that is 14' high from lowest point to top of roof. I am building a purgola over the top of the roof to support the vines but the only problem I face is the fact that the shed sits on a concrete slab with concrete all around it. If I got a whiskey barrel or bigger smart pot (these are the fabric pots that air prune), could I grow a lady banks big enough to cover the shed and would it survive long term?
If not, any other suggestions on a vine that would quickly cover the shed and also tumble down over the side? I was hoping to find something that could basically grow up, spread out and then grow down the other side.

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Check out some pictures of large Lady Banks. She can get really, REALLY large.So you could easily site her 10 feet from the shed and train the emerging canes onto the shed.
I really think for a rose that large, more than a whisky barrel's worth of room is needed.

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Thank you so much for the reply, Lucille. I am going to also look into taking out a part of the sidewalk so I can plant into the ground. I assume that would be ok to do and that the roots can spread out under the sidewalk?

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