Just bought gladiolus bulbs...plant now?

sandyman720(NJ)June 21, 2011

Hi All,

I just bought a ton of gladiolus bulbs on clearance. Should I plant these now? Wait until the fall?


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With a ton of glads, start planting them now. Divide them up and plant some weekly to lengthen the bloom period. It takes about 90 days from planting to bloom, so plan to have them all bloom before the weather cools too much. Al

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I just got my first few "clearance gladiolus" about two weeks ago. They are already up and growing (8 of 10 made it).

If it freezes in NJ in the winter, you will probably need to dig them up in the fall for safe over-wintering (not plant them). I would think that planting now is better that trying to store them for almost a full year.

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I've grown glads for years but never at this new property. It took all Summer to get some landscaping done and I wanted to wait until it was completed to plant the glads. We slid in to the Fall season and it was starting to get chilly out so I just decided to plant them a month ago (October; I live in Northern Virginia), figuring they'd just sprout next year. I should also say that I always leave glads in the ground and only dig them up about every 3 years to harvest the 'babies'. Well - these things are sprouting right now (November 4). Any suggestions? Rescue them? Let them go?

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