Da Lat, a few trees

head_cutterDecember 10, 2009

Pretty typical for here, could be nice trees with some care. Most are what would be considered 'large' Bonsai' 4-5 hand and better.


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There were about 40 of these huge ficus b. ornamentals in this flower garden park. One of these days I'm gonna spend a few bucks and buy one to re-design as Bonsai. I mean when you have neberi like that (most of them are from 2-4 feet across) it's waisted on an ornamental, most can be styled to have a pretty nice taper too.


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And this is exactly the reason why Ficus species are my favorite of ALL plants to work with .

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Bob,some very nice trees!! in the u.s. a lot of dollars for something like that.thanks for showing. john

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And they are very much worth every penny !

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