Oxalis purpurea wanted

thefof(NSW Aust)June 17, 2014

I am hoping that there may be an Aussie looking in who has Oxalis purpurea "Garnet" or one of the other colour forms available that I can buy.
No point in looking at US or European sources as it is virtually impossible to import them into Australia.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Are you allowed to import from NZ? I noticed someone on TradeMe had plants for sale (last year).

Parva Plants also has some Oxalis spp and may be licensed to send them across The Ditch.

You probably already know that they can be an absolute bane in the garden....:-) However, O. purpurea looks gorgeous in the right container, so that's no problem.

Good luck with your hunt.

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thefof(NSW Aust)

Hi vetivert8
As far as I am aware NZ is classified as "The Rest of the World".
I have the white form in the garden and over the past 10 years, or more, it has spread where I wanted it to but I cannot say it has, in any way, been invasive.
It is a real charmer bringing a flood of white, throughout the winter.

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Right pretty....too bad not hardy here.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Here's a link that might be useful for enquiries:


They gleefully share your advocacy for the white version.

I'm more a fan for O. versicolor and massoniana, with hirta running a very close third.

Other possible might be by seed from South Africa.

This website cruelly makes you scroll past the yummy pictures to the bottom for a link to their seed room. Ouch!


Again - good luck. They're such generous plants with flowers and bulbs - and the well-mannered ones are a joy.

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thefof(NSW Aust)

Hi vetivert8
I've been doing some research on the ICON database of AQIS. This is their bible of what can and cannot be imported. Unfortunately, purpurea, either as bulbs or seed, is not listed as being permitted from any country. If not listed, by default it is banned, until the importer proves to them that it will not pose a biosecurity risk. This is a VERY long winded and expensive exercise as I found out when trying to get cacti seed imported for my hobby. Even when I pointed out to them that the species I was interested were synonymous with plants on their list, they were not interested. If the name wasn't on their list, tough! To get the name placed on the list required an amendment to a Federal Act of Parliment and that can take years. I even asked the suppliers to rename the seed but they weren't interested in that either. A brick and a hard place situation.
Thanks, though, for the links. Beautiful. I will now just have to look at my O. purpurea alba and imagine them mixed with other colours. :-((

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thefof(NSW Aust)

Thanks for your PM but please get back to me as I have no email address for you. I would like to discuss.

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