Planting bulbs in the summer?

mandolls(4)June 25, 2013

My partner just came home with some bulbs that were marked down at a big box store. Mixed Gladiolas, Dutch Iris -Miss Saigon, and Pineapple Lilies.

I have only ever planted bulbs in the spring and the fall.

I am pretty sure the Glads will be fine and have the potential to bloom this season. Can I go ahead and plant the lilies and Iris? or should I refrigerate them and plant them in the fall?

Or - Could I plant them in pots for the rest of this season and then transplant them into the beds in the fall?

Any advice is appreciated.

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I did a little web research and found these are all tender bulbs in my area. I knew the glads were but i didnt realize the others were. I'll stick them in the ground and see what happens, dig them in the fall and see if I can keep them over.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Sometimes, it is just easier and cheaper in the long run, to buy new (non-hardy) bulbs in the spring. However, by all means try to dig them to store over the winter. You don't have much to lose but your time.

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I am sure it is easier, but not so sure how it could be cheaper. I dig Dahlia tubers up every fall, divide and store them successfully. I give away over 100 a year to friends and family, and they can cost $5-$8 a piece.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Sorry mandolls. I was only referring to the bulbs you mentioned in the post, glads, dutch iris and pineapple lilies.

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OK - You have a good point. I think these were marked down to less than $3 for 50 glads. When I think about it, it would take several hours to dig, clean and store them. Because of my Dahlias, I am in the habit of digging and saving, but I dont think these will be special enough to spend the extra time.

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