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LullabyF360June 15, 2014

I am in the process of moving plants. They are mainly bulbs: irises & gladioli along with prickly pear cactus, agave, & hydrangea bushes. Where they are being moved to, I have no other place to put them. The area gets full sun all day. Is there a cheap trick to give shade for plants? I can't plant them anywhere else, & where they are now, they would be concreted under the new driveway.

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If this new location is only temporary you can make a frame of the size needed and cover with shade cloth. Al

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The new location may or may not be temporary. We have considered building a house on our property. If or when the house is built, it will give shade to everything in the afternoon.

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The only one of the various plants you list that has a need for shade is the hydrangea. All the others will be perfectly happy in all day sun.

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sara82lee(8a - SE Va)

My es hydrangea is in the most blazing afternoon sun. I moved it there from a place that was quite shady. It sulked for a year and then looked happy again. But now I am fighting off leaf spot that I never had a problem with before. Last year the leaf spot defoliated the whole thing. This year I've been religiously spraying it and haven't seen a sign of it. It's looking very healthy again and happy, but I have to wonder whether the leaf spot is partly a result of its more vulnerable location.

I believe your iris and gladiolus will do better than before in full sun.

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