where to buy Al's 5-1-1 and gritty mix ingredients in PR ?

tecnicoFebruary 7, 2012

well would like to know if any one can list posible subsitutes to Al's mix and the grity mix ingredients , to have more options to watch out for : ( here in puerto rico

such good concept as ( Al's 5-1-1 and the grity mix ) look like the best option for container plants to show their best, but been having difficulty to find the ingredients :( ;

have been calling different places, plant nurserys , local hardware stores, inclusive at HD , they didnt know or heard of TURFACE or PINE BARKS FINEs , neither :(( .

am i the only one from PR trying to use this mix ? just asking in case someone in my area knows posible substitutes for them : ( , looked at the

Supplies by State/Region: Al's Gritty Mix

and nothing : ( , can anyone help ?

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If I should ever move into my house down there, I better find the ingredients too!
If I did live there, I would start with a chicken suppliers that supply the grit and I know they have plenty of companies down there for that.

I would check any area that supplies your sport arena fields with Turface. Call the sport stadiums, especially teh tennis ones and see who provides the 'turface'

I would check out Walmart, which I have seen at every corner,lol and the big box stores for bark mulch.

I would check out the 'pet' stores for any type of fir bark for reptiles.

Remember, that Island is becoming very Americanized and there are many American companies selling American products.

You could find anything that can substitute another ingredient that would work just fine.

For instance, 'Floor Dry' sold at your local automotive parts store, instead of 'turface'.

I miss P.R.


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hello mike glad ur around : ) , well yes indeed the grit would'nt be no prob : ) , but the turface was or maybe still is the prob : ( , upon what said looked up and called PEP BOYS , WESTERN AUTO and AUTOZONE , all auto part stores here and this is what i found

thrifty sorb:




oil dry :




and this oil absorbent found at AUTOZONE , its only name was OIL ABSOBENT ( didnt take a pic of the front of bag , but took this pic of the ingredients )


please check them did not put in the link section cause they were 4 links : ( , so have any one used this options instead of turface , which by the way the only company that has it here only works the GREEN and the PRO LEAGUE , which have read and Al also says is to small for the gritty mix , and called the company TURFACE where they make the product and told me they could send me a single MVP bag but the cost would be tooooo muchhh pricey :'( , they gave me the price but with that cost price of only the shipping it would be various $$$$$$ so not an option buy the 50 lb bag via them : ( , so woul appreciate if any have used this products as turface subsitute , and could tell me which could be a better option : / , hope Al also checks them : )

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That might be the stuff there! If it doesn't fall apart and the pieces are between 1/8 and 1/4 inches big and absorb moisture, YOU HAVE STRUCK GOLD. It can't fall apart like kitty litter, but has to hold its structure. If it does, you will be excited.

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mike, but did you check the other ones the : OIL DRY and the THRIFTY SORB ????? ( the links are PDF but they are the product flyers and ths MSDS technical data of the product ) so those other 2 dont work : ( ????

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http://oildri.net/Downloads/OD%20Granular.pdf PERFECT!!!

If it is calcined clay, perfect! You may have to sift the tiny pieces out leaving you sizes ranging about a bb size.

Awesome for you!

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was smiling happy but then found this : (


so my : ) went to :'( when read that post

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Hello, Conrado and Mike!

Mike, thank you so much for helping out here, buddy. As you know, I've been very ill.
I'm also glad that you stopped in since you visit Puerto Rico and know about the area. You're the man!


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Hey Josh, I am sorry sorry to hear you are still ill man. Please have that checked out again if it doesn't improve. I am wishing you well and thanks!

Tecno, that Oil Dry is different thn that one posted 4 years ago. They have come a very long way since then and that stuff I posted you looks to be perfect. I have used it and it works and so do many others.
You just have to make sure you get the right stuff, not the one that acts like 'kitty litter' and falls apart, but the one that acts like 'turface', if not better and holds its structure.

Here is something to encourage you in warm P.R


Here is a link that might be useful: Turface alternative

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