bulbs I forgot to plant

bev1065(7)June 16, 2014

What should I do with the dutch iris and allium bulbs that did not get planted this past fall? Should I plant them now or wait until fall? I know the dutch iris would have already bloomed and I don't care if the allium bloom this summer or not, just which planting time would be better for the plants themselves.

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If they're alive, plant them...only if you gave very careful storage will they still be alive.

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

And, if you could plant them in a clear space, well-marked. Even in the veggie garden.

If the Irises survive they might be so busy making daughter bulbs that they don't do much at all, flower-wise. A feed with liquid tomato or potato food could be helpful for them to set buds for next year - providing they show up. Same for the Alliums.

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Your original post got me thinking about a package of glads I got early last spring and never got in the ground. They looked to be completely dried out, I was on the verge of throwing them out, but I planted them anyway. They are now coming up, all of them.

You never quite know how well they survive, until you put them in the ground. Of course, the longer you delay the less likely you will get anything at all from them, and even if some of them grow, they may not have enough time to mature enough before season end.

I am hoping that my glads are far enough along by the time I have to dig them this fall. If so, they store easy; all you have to do is leave the foliage on and bundle the stalks, hang them frost free and then clean them before planting next spring.

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