Moving and storing the bulbs?

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I am moving and would like to take the bulbs that are in the soil for about 6 years now. I may be in a apartment for some time and would like to store these in a container or in some storing media.

I have several tulip and daffodil bulbs that I would like to take with me.

Can you guys suggest me any method to store them in a small place? Also storing media.

Thanks in advance.


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Both tulips and daffodils like to be deep in a pot. They'd rather live with crowded roots than have their bulbs too close to the surface. So, if you're going to be in a place with limited growing space, be sure to get deep pots for planting up your bulbs. At least as deep as a two gallon bucket, with four big holes - fat as your thumb - and proper free-draining mix, not bulb fibre. Plus pot feet or small rocks under to help the drainage. Gravel on top can also be useful as a mulch. Three to five bulbs per bucket - depending on their size.

They'll last out of the ground for a few weeks but they'll be breathing and losing moisture. You'll have to plant them up between now and September, otherwise they'll start to wither and be unable to flower.

They can travel with you in the sort of mesh baggies you can buy onions in, so long as they stay out of the full sun and don't get wet. Be sure to clean off the dirt, gently, before packing them.

If you should see little white bumps appearing at the bottom end of the bulbs - the roots will be starting. Plant them up ASAP and water once.

You might need to give winter protection if your area gets hard frosts and your growing site is exposed. If there's a micro-climate, such as under eaves and on the south side then you might need to water over winter to keep them growing - and protect them from harsher weather. (It would be like living in a warmer zone.)

Some Narcissus can be quite shy about flowering in a pot. They prefer Real Dirt. Others don't mind at all.

If you're going to be in a smaller grow-space for a while - repot every one to two years. Some varieties will be prolific enough to need thinning even in so short a time.

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