Very... very small pots

FeminusFlammare(8)February 28, 2014

I wanted to find some nice, cheapish indoor pots for growing herbs & found some gorgeous mini bonsai pots off Amazon thinking, "8 pots for $19?! Click!" Duh...

I looked at the info & reviews which had many posts on how small they were, but I've never tried bonsai so I'm thinking of the typical bonsai. I can fit 4 of them on my outstretched hand.

I know rosemary works for teeny bonsai, but will other herbs do alright for culinary purposes or does this poor, starving artist have to bemoan the loss of her money?

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Are these the pots:

If so it's pretty clear that it's 8 pots, not 8" pots, and the actual dimensions posted, the reviews are the icing on the cake. In any case they're pretty cool and I think you could have an awesome bonsai herb garden on your windowsill. Tyme and oregeno would be good candidates, rosemary might work if you can get a very small specimen. The challenge will be managing moisture in such small pots. Personally I'd sell the bonsai pots on CL or use them for succulents and get bigger pots for your herbs. BTW, I'm not ragging on you, I've done the same thing, don't even ask me about the x-ray glasses I bought.

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I'm a total spazbot blonde so I'm used to these sorts of incidents, no biggie. ^-^

I have an Aerogarden so I was thinking of trimming down the peat plugs to fit the holes & make deepish bases, fill those with barkdust so it's like one big wick, relatively speaking. I knew there were 8 pots, not 8" ones, I really should have grabbed a ruler though.

They're so cute, I hesitate to resell just yet; I've always wanted to try my hand at bonsai & moss gardens so maybe it's a sign to put on my MacGyver jean jacket & get to work.

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If you had a clear box with a cover, you could set them inside and use them as pots to display dried herbs. For $19 I think you got a deal and they are adorable.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

I think there are quite a few small succulents or succulent cuttings that would do well, in addition to some bonsai companions plants....

I have Kalanchoe blossfeldiana mini growing in a pretty small pot.


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Thanks for your responses everybody! I appreciate the input :)

Lucille, I do have a tabletop terrarium, I could probably do a cute arrangement inside mixing up dried herbs & succulents... dare I say an air plant or 2? Ooh the possibilities!

Green, those are adorable! I might just have to get one of those. I spent 2 weeks in the Grand Canyon & one of the many lessons learned down there was sometimes the amount of earth a plant needs is almost disturbingly small.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Thanks! This tiny plant is growing in pure red lava rock, and I have to trim the roots every year or so...or else the plant begins to fail. Regular fertilization and watering is a requirement.

Here's another one that I keep small...a Sedum nussbaumerianum. This one is growing in pure Turface.


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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I grow lots of plants in tiny pots every year. The key is having a sense of what will do well & what won't.

There is a LOT to bonsai, & I encourage anyone with the desire to try, to get into it because it really is growing on a whole different level and the rewards for success are really great, but it's not something that you just "do".

I agree that succulents would look nice in the tiny pots and are a good place to start. Avoid soils that hold too much water. For instance, if you use Miracle-Gro or similar soils that support several inches of sogginess at the bottom of the pot, your pots will be 100% saturated after a proper watering, and the plants won't like it.


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Hooray! So many problems solved! My man's daughter showed up with fund-raising (racketeering) magazines & look what they have for $13 a set! I got a ruler out & did a to-scale sketch & all that other math.

Now, not only do I get the pleasure of spending his paycheck, but I also get to start up some baby bonsai! I am an ukiyo-e printmaker & love making very small things so these babies are right up my alley. I still want a rosemary & thyme bonsai but there is a crab apple tree in my apartment complex & I'm literally a 15 minute walk from the lovely NW Oregon forest... cutting paradise. I'm sure there are moss fanatics around here so I'm hoping someone knows what I mean when I say tardigrade garden!!! Always wanted to make one!

Loving your ideas & insights! My Dad has a cactus -the breed escapes me at the moment- that has been in the family for almost 40 years; I've got a piece with my name on it & I will definitely be succulent shopping soon.

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Next mission... learn how to delete double posts.
( > _

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Just about anything could be used as a container - egg holders, candle holders, egg shells, acorn shells (did you see Al's here on GW?), thimbles, corks from wine...just figure out proper watering for the plant. I use similar idea (a candleholder) to grow succulent babies, usually started from the leaves - see photo. Succulents/cacti don't need so much water, so I find it easier not to overwater.
The pots you have are nice. BTW, is there any drainage hole on the bottom?
Google book 'Pop bonsai' for some funky idea...and I am sure there are many-many more.


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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

keeping herbs alive in small pots would be a real challeng. They could dry out in less than a day. Succulents are a different matter.
How about no pot at all?
This is what I've done. I put it in the shade in the summer and in the sun in the winter here in the Seattle area. This is three years old.

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mikebotann(8a SE of Seattle)

Here's another one.

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greenman28 NorCal 7b/8a

Mike, those are excellent.


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Agree with Josh, those "mini-landscapes" are very nice.


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