Tulips- gonna toss them in a 'holding bed'

mmqchdygg(Z5NH)June 11, 2009

So I've decided that I'm going to pull up my T-bulbs and put them in a spot in my veggie patch that is done (radishes or something that's already gone by). Why? Because the bed that I have them in is a prominent bed right by my driveway, and it's getting refreshed again this year with annuals now that the Ts have gone by.

While I got lucky this year, and the tulips bloomed again incredibly well, I did fear that I had disturbed them a little too much- what with replanting the bed in the early summer, slicing into more than several bulbs in the process, then ripping the annuals out in the fall, adding more compost (depth) to the bed and possibly burying many too far to produce anything but foliage (I was right)...

So this year I'm going to take them out and put them in another bed until the fall, then put them back.

My QUESTION is: Does it matter what orientation they are in when I toss them in the holding bed? Do they CARE if they are right-side up or not, or should I actually make the extra effort to PLACE them properly in the holding bed for 5 months until I put them back in the other bed? Most of the foliage has died back enough that I could pluck it out, although several will have to be put in with the foliage still intact, so THOSE will obviously need to be put in the right way.

Thanks for the input.

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Why don't you store them dry until fall. I understand that's what they do in the Netherlands.

I'm under the impression the foliage on your tulips has already died down.

Find a cool spot, not a hot one!

Here is a link that might be useful: storing tulip bulbs

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thank you, Carol! I wasn't sure of completely leaving them out of the ground, but will take your advice, toss them in a paper bag, and take them to the basement for the summer.

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