saffron bulbs, i've a lot

aloicgabrielJune 26, 2007


I am not a company, just a private individual.

I have my own saffron plantation in France

I cultivate the saffron for my pleasure but today, I have too many bulbs, more than 10000 then I sell 5000 of them.

5000 bulbs require 200 sq/m

For an amateur, 100 bulbs is a good departure for a good result and to be pleased to collect it.

We used to planting 80 bulbs on a sq/m.

2 sq/m produce between 1 and 2 grams of saffron spices.

Category: Crocus Sativus L.

Best quality of French Saffron bulbs

Origin: Brittany in France

Diameter: more than 2,5 cm, 8+, ready to flower.

To plant before end of August.

Flowering: At the beginning of October.

If you are interested, for more information do not hesitate to contact me.

My name is Loïc.

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Dear Sir,

My name is Slavcho Yovchev and I am from Bulgaria. I have a garden with area of 5 acres. After the study considered that change in the area and soil composition suitable for cultivation of saffron. Can you help me with advice on farming technology? Do you still bulbs and at what price they sell?

Best regards,

Slavcho Yovchev

8800 Sliven
"Stoyan Zaimov" 60 V 17
Tel: +359 44 631625
+359 889 415303
Email: irena.nikolova @

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Hi Slavcho,

This thread is almost 3 years old and the OP is not a regular here. He isn't getting the follow-up replies emailed to him either. I would not hold my breath on hearing from him.



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