tulip bulbs indoor

rosessecretgardenJune 11, 2010

hey all!

i need to know if there is a way to plant tulip bulbs inside? Can you please help me with this? thanks

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

The early Single and Early Double varieties work well. ('Abba' is good for me.)

Pot up in early autumn. Use a 5" bowl (deep and wide). Usual potting mix - free-draining. Soak the planting ONCE before you put the pots into the dark. When you bring them into light you can water two or three times a week - depending on how quickly your mixture dries. Feed with houseplant food once a week from when the buds form to when the foliage is going over.

You can use bulb fibre and specially prepared bulbs but they often won't be worth saving after flowering.

Keep in total darkness for 8 weeks. Then move to light but not sun for two weeks. Then full light to flower.

If you went for tall-stemmed tulips put your stem supporters on before you put the pots into the dark spot otherwise...

Be sure your dark place is also cold - 40-45F.

When it's flowering time - cool is best to hold the flowers and stop the droop. Max is about 65F.

If you're scheming to have bulbs on the table for a celebration you could probably ignore that and put the bulbs out afterwards to finish off.

Watch out for aphids and squish early. I don't know how they get to know but they DO.

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Alternate method for growing tulips indoors (aka forcing):
- Choose bulbs of a short type of tulip and either refrigerate for three months, or buy pre-chilled ones.
- Plant into a pot with the tip of the bulb just sticking out of the dirt. Preferably, sterilize the dirt first by thoroughly soaking it with boiling water to kill any fungus gnat eggs or mold spores. Also preferably mix it with perlite for better drainage, and/or cover surface of dirt with ornamental gravel to discourage flies, etc.
- Place either under a light on a timer, or by a big window (but make sure the plant won't get too cold or hot there). Plant should sprout within two weeks, if not check light and temperature. From sprout to bloom is approximately two months.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Please realize too that many tulips do not bloom well but one season. Additionally any tulip that has been forced into bloom inside will be exhausted and likely not bloom the following year even if given optimum conditions of being planted outside after bloom.

It would help when asking and answering questions, to know your location.

If you will add your garden zone (if known) and your location to the one box provided for the garden zone, then it will automatically be shown whenever you post.

See I am I am zone 5/6 S INDIANA

Just go to the bottom of any GW page and click on Member Pages and then choose Edit Your Personal Information, Page, and Preferences


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