Bulbs Plated about 4 weeks ago

scmijo(8)June 15, 2011

Hi I planted Cannas, Daylillies, gladiolas, and dahlias a little more than 4 weeks ago. All of my 32 Gladiolas came up, 2 of my 15 cannas and none of my daylillies or dahlias.

Would I be very impatient of me, if I were to dig a few up to see what's going on or should I just leave them all alone? ...

thanks =-)

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Hi scmijo. I'm in zone 5 (Indiana). How has the moisture and rain been in your area? I thought much of the south was very dry per the weather channel. Could this be part of the problem?

My few gladiolas and few dahlias are up here. I didn't have any trouble with lily bulbs.

The Dahlias took a while, but I planted the tubers right around the last freeze date. It's been perhaps 6 or 7 weeks and they are a foot tall. We've had a lot of rain.

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Well it really hasn't rained at all here. I have been watering at least once every other day. I suppose I could try watering more I just didn't want to over water. Do you think that would help?

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