Rotting Anemone de Caen corms

hungryjoeJune 4, 2011

Hi there,

I planted about 15 anemone de Caen corms out about 2 weeks ago, after soaking them for 24 hours. As some dahlias that I planted around the same time were starting to come up, and my anemones weren't even showing, I decided to dig one up to see if there were any issues.

Much to my dismay, the corm was rotting. I dug around some more and sure enough they were all melting away.

Anyone have anything like this happen before? I was under the impression these were pretty hardy corms; they are even guaranteed. It's been fairly wet here this spring, but none of my other bulbs/corms have had this problem.

Any input is very welcome! :)

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The combination of both too cool and too wet, will often rot corms that have no roots. If they are going to rot it will be when first planted, if they have roots developed before the excess water and cold soil are evident they usually will go through it with no problem. Al

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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Al is right.

If you can, don't soak them. Plant them into individual pots using damp mix combined with grit and place them in a warm area to sprout. Unless the mix dries out, don't water, or only lightly water, and keep them well-drained.

Ensure they 'grow up' in good sunlight otherwise they'll be leggy and floppy.

Or plant directly into the ground that you've 'pre-warmed' by using a cloche or grow-tunnel over the area for a few weeks before hand.

Good luck with the next batch (though you might not have enough growing time left before the heat signals 'it's time to go dormant' for them.)

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