planning ahead for tulips

njitgradJune 22, 2013

In the fall I plan on replacing the existing soil next to my garage so that it is more suitable for growing flowers.

This spring I ripped out the remaining shrubs (that the previous homeowners planted) and added some compost into the dry soil. Subsequent to that I transplanted annual seedlings (that I started from seed) into the ground and surrounded them with containered flowers and tomato plants. The annuals that are in the ground aren't growing so well as you can plainly see below.

My plan for the Fall is: remove 6 inches of soil. Replace it with a 50/50 mix of ProMix BX and compost. Add tulips in clumps every 2-3 feet in a staggered fashion. Cover the bulbs, lay down 1/2" hardward cloth to keep the squirrels out then cover with the loose soil, followed by 2 inches of mulch.

Once the tulips die off in the late Spring, I will re-create the landscape pictured below in mid-May.

I welcome any suggestions or alternative ideas.

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Hi, where did you buy tulip bulbs in bulk for less? thanks.

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Um, I haven't yet.

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ontnative(5b Can/USDA 4)

Choose a variety of early blooming tulips such as Single Early or the Fosters if you want the foliage to die off quickly in the spring. If you improve the soil, would you consider putting your tomato and annual plants directly into the ground next summer? I don't think I would put as much as 50% Promix into the garden. I would suggest only 25-30% Promix, and then add your compost and some type of topsoil (bagged or otherwise).

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