Polianthes(tuberose) quandry

john3(7a)June 19, 2008

Folks, I planted two of these, in a pot, on April 21st. Now, over eight weeks later, I figured the time was right to uplift and discover them rotted -- hadn't seen any above ground growth all this time. Well, the tubers seem perfectly fine, but there is no evidence of roots or shoots. This, the single-flowered type, is my first attempt at these fragrant beauties. I've given them average to light watering and full sun. Did replant just below soil level(as seen in literature), as opposed to the instructions of three inches deep. Any advice and/or spells I should cast?

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I have been growing these for 20 years and have never seen them rot. They are never really dormant and you will notice the tuber always has a green tip. Mine are in the ground here and have just come up in the last couple of weeks from their winter nap and this is zone 9. They like lots of heat and when they are growing, plenty of water. I do fertilize them regularly once they have foliage and are growing. Al

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Thanks for your info. Just need to hang in there to see some results. I did shelter the April container during cooler temps, and hoped the 90s temps earlier this month would have started the growth cycle. More perplexing is the dug/examined tubers looked more like callas, and unlike tuberose pictured online. Me oh my!

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When first planted they look like slender sharp pointed bulbs. After a year they will have a bunch of small bulbs clustered around the original bulb. These small bulbs can be pulled off and planted and they will grow grass like foliage but will not bloom for a year or two. If left in the ground for a few years the base of the bulbs will be welded together in a solid mass about 6 inches in diameter. They are almost impossible to kill but cannot be relied upon to bloom every year. Al

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