Old muscles

lucille(Houston)March 12, 2011

I set up the framework for a section of chain link fence yesterday. The day before, I dragged around some 4x4 lumber for garden perimeters.

I'm no spring chicken, and I have been sedentary for a few years, so my muscles are screaming.

They'll get used to it:)

I've been doing various gardening stuff for about a month now, almost daily, and even though there are aches and pains I'm starting to feel better physically. I know a couple of ladies in my immediate neighborhood that don't garden and actually don't exercise at all. I think for older people and for all people it makes one feel better to get outside and do hard physical work as opposed to sitting in front of a tv or computer all day.

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Gardening is great exercise and also exercise with a purpose (as opposed to being on a treadmill). I work at a computer all day and even *that* goes better when I am out working in the garden in the evening! Good for all of us, for kicking the sedentary habit.

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I agree being outside when the sun is warm, the birds are singing, the air is fresh, and puttering around in a garden, not only improves the body but does wonders for ones mind too. It always gives me a sense of achievement, of doing something worthwhile, and being more alive. When I am my garden all is good, :-)

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Aside from the physical aspect, I would be insane by now if I didn't get to come home from the hell that is Chemistry and Calculus consecutively and work in the garden. Its not quite enough exercise at my age but the effects on the mind are priceless. Nothing like sipping a good beer and watching the garden grow to remind me of what life is about in a stressful world.

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My old muscles are now taking half the load in twice the time :)
But it's a good kinda hurt.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

Older muscles here too. I pulled my back muscle in the garden this spring and ended up at PT. I didn't realize how de conditioned I was. I have underlying medical issues that keep me inactive for periods of time and that unravels the muscles I manage to build up in the garden.

I'm back in the garden and comfortable again and now I've added more structured exercise and stretching to my routine. I've done that before but I do get off track. I think it is essential at my age to work as hard as I can to build muscle and keep it. Flexibility doesn't hurt either.

One thing the PT person said that sticks with me. I was explaining that I thought my brain/muscle connections were all rusty at first but that I felt them starting to feel a better connection. She said for the first 6 weeks you begin using muscles you haven't used in awhile, your brain is 'recruiting' your muscles and you don't really start seeing any building muscle results that first 6 weeks, then you can see steady progress after that.

Definitely never going to have the muscles I had in my 20s or 30s again though. :-)

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