how do you know when to pick a russet potatoe?help

roxierox66March 4, 2011

ok,,,,, my garden is growing great.but i planted a starter potatoe in jan.2011.the ones walmart say to plant march. and i done that. they are growing..well it looks like a large green plant with green leaves. sorta like a ground was basicaly sandish kind.i dug down to a foot .and put fresh dirt by miracle has grown alot.andi keep putting new soil down as it grows.but how do i know when they are many months does it take....if anyone has the answer...please help. send me a email at

i can not find any answer any where .or i am not looking at the right places.when i water them...i can smell them.i want to check them..but i do not want to kill anything that may be

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albert_135(Sunset 2 or 3)

I would say when they are about the size for CREAMED PEAS AND NEW POTATOES. VBG

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