Small silvery bugs on my Benjamina Ficus

SmurfishyFebruary 3, 2014

They are grey with a silver sheen when light is over them. Dare I say they are mites? They are fast moving. I need to know if this is hurting my plant? If so what should I do? I first found these mites in my snake tank. My ficus was on top of it. When I googled I did not find the correct colored mite. I wonder if the mites are from the snake or vice versa.

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Wings? Crawling? Where found on the plant? Found in the soil? Evidence of damage to the plant - if so, how about a picture of pest and damage?


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Have had so much troubles logging back into this site!!! Nice to see you again Tapla, couldn't find a way to get ahold of you personally and a search with your name shows the last post as two years ago! Not sure if they have wings, they do crawl about but most notably after a watering, they are in the soil. I don't notice if there any damage, I skimmed the surface with a fork and some of the roots broke off easily, not sure if this is normal. My ficus has not had any notable changes since I brought it in this fall. I am attaching some you tube links, hope it works!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Good to see you, too!

Fungus gnats

Your soil looks like it has collapsed and is extremely water-retentive - thus the rotten roots, too. You need to get your watering under control - watering to much. In most cases, you can control the gnats with a more appropriate watering regimen, but when soil is badly broken down, watering appropriately might not be possible, or if it was it still might not offer relief from the gnats. Do you know how to use a wood dowel to test for the need to water?

I've been posting right along - just not as much as usual. I was pretty busy this year, and I get a LOT of email from GW members with questions, which means I wasn't able to spend as much time here during summer - early winter. Tons of snow here and bitter cold for the last 10 weeks, so not much kickin now. ;-)

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