I planted my gladioli too close together - in a pot.

Spellbound(5a)June 4, 2011

I'm not sure what I should do. The pot is about 24" across and I had planted 5 I think, with some annual seeds and squirrels came and dug up everything. I thought they had eaten all the gladioli, so I planted more and now I have 10 growing in the same pot. I don't know if I should remove some of them and transplant, if transplanting will kill them, if removing some will kill those that stay because it will have disturbed their roots... Should I leave them? Fertilize more? Please let me know how to make my glads happy!

For the record, I don't see any signs of stress yet. They're about 8" tall now.

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I don't think 15 gladiola in a 24 inch pot is crowded at all. I would leave them, but not fertilize them. I would hope they are in a sunny spot. Al

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They are in full sun, about 6-8 hours a day. I have been fertilizing them with a high phosphorus solution to encourage blooming, but avoiding N/K. Do you think I should stop?

I'm very very glad to learn that they aren't too crowded! I was so afraid that they'd grow up spindly and weak. Thanks for responding!

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I never fertilize my glads. The flower is already developed in the bulb and fertilizer is not needed to cause it to bloom. If the bulb is not of a sufficient size to bloom the fertilizer may be helpful to prepare it for next years bloom. Glads produce many small bulbs that will take a year or three to reach blooming size. If you have purchased bulbs they are very dependable bloomers, taking around 90 days from planting to bloom. Working with a lot of bulbs most gardeners will plant weekly to extend the blooming period. You don't say what you are using for planting medium but packaged mixes will be fertile enough and one of the problems of glads is growing too tall and falling over. Al

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I packed 30 glads in one middle size pot and sure enough they grew and grew and bloomed very well .Too be fair all my bulbs and tubers are packed in small pots ,because i own only container garden and i am a plant addict .And yeah i did had a problem with them leaning over so i had to stake them .

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