Hymenocallis drooping after blooming?

shawnz28June 26, 2011

Ok so I am a bit new to gardening as this is my first year in the house that I could plant. I bought some bulbs at costo including some Hymenocallis that have grown really well. Two just bloomed and then the next day after each bloomed they were drooping to the ground. Is this normal? I found one mention on the net about it being normal and the flowing dropping seeds. I thought maybe I should tie them up but wasnt sure if was a bad idea or even needed.

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I also bought a package of Hymenocallis at Costco about five years ago. They are a rampant grower that produces new bulbs like gang busters. I have had many bloom in one gallon nursery pots, and larger, none have "drooped" after blooming. In my experience it is not normal. Al

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