Can I plant daffodil bulbs now or wait?

noplantwiz(NC)June 20, 2011

I had gotten a big pots of bulbs for Mother's Day LAST year. I was only able to save a few bulbs from the big pot but never did anything with them. They are now sitting in a empty pot in my kitchn but they have green spouts coming out of them. I know it isn't time to plant them but since they have spouted should I go ahead and plant them or is it just to hot and I should wait til fall anyway? Thanks, Tammy

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I would go ahead and plant them. IF you don't, you will definitely lose them altogether. If possible, plant them in dappled shade under a deciduous tree. They'll have a better chance of surviving long enough to ripen the foliage this summer. If they come up next year, you won the bet. They may or may not bloom then, but should the next year. Be sure to water carefully after you plant them in good soil.

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Like I said I got these in a big tub of flowers last Mother's Day and I hadn't doen anything with them so I was surprised to see them spourting now anyway. Would it be better to plant them in a pot instead of the ground?

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Humble opinion. Pots take more work. One needs to remember to take care of plants in the pots. I've found that the ground usually does a better job than I do. Perhaps mark the spot so you can dig them up for re-locating to a permanent location at the proper time of year?

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

If you decide to put them in a pot, set the pot outside and let mother nature take care of it. Don't be watering everyday, since daffodils go dormant in the summer and like conditions on the dry side. Even at that, I think you will have a higher probability of the bulbs surviving in the ground.

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Thanks. I will get then in the ground then and see what happens! They sure aren't going to be able to do anything sitting in this epmty pot on the kitcehn table! Thanks

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