Fire Ant Poison

gidget01April 15, 2008

I am newbie at this site & gardening. I had my grandmother help me with my first vegetable garden. When we started making our rows and putting down seeds we noticed Fire Ants everywhere in the area we had plowed. The ants started crawling all over the seeds. We did not know what to do. My grandmother told me to sprinkle a little of the Ortho Ant Killer Powder/dust in the rows. Then after we did it she got to thinking maybe we shouldn't have done that. Do you think that it will poison the vegetables since they were still seeds when we applied?

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I think you are safe, but to make sure, contact Ortho at their website (Google on Ortho) and ask them. You could also contact your local County Extension Agricultural agent and ask. I'd do both--and next time try boiling water or vinegar to get rid of the little pests!

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