Look at the pots I got for less than 8 dollars! Pics

meyermike_1micha(5)February 18, 2012

Are you on the prowl for pots or have you got any set aside for spring transplanting?

I thought I would share a few gems I found, clay mind you from Italy and Vietnam. You'll never find these at your Walmart or HD. I am thrilled and can't wait to see some of my special trees and plants in them:-)

Not your ordinary clay pots and I even have many smaller sizes. Yahoo.

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Hey, Mike... if you come to visit, I can souvenir you dozens of clay pots, made in Vietnam :))

Congrats on your new found.


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Hello Xuan!

Oh what a surprise to see you. That made my day, especially the picture of your precious baby. So cute!

I would love to come for a visit some day and fill up the plane on the way back home with pots of all kinds from there! Thank you:-)

I hope you are doing well dear friend.


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Nice pots!

I convert plastic trash baskets....the kind that you place in bathrooms...into small, decorative "show" pots, for special plants, by melting holes into the bottom of these fancy trash baskets.

I go to any large "bathroom-towel, accessories-store",...like Bed, Bath and Beyond, and look for the fancy waste-paper baskets. Some baskets can be very pricey. I buy the cheapest that will work. Then I bring it home and heat a 3/8" bolt over a gas jet, and melt holes into the bottom for drainage. Drilling holes also works. Fill it with a good mix, plant the plant, and you're good to go. Storage tubs can also be converted this way, as well as kitchen garbage cans.

Just an alternative.


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Very nice, Mike! A wonderfully varied collection!

Keep one thing in mind, though... clay pots tend to absorb cold, especially when damp or wet... so if you'll be using them for orchids, make sure to keep them away from colder areas, like window sills, etc. during winter months. I've gotten into the habit of potting my orchids in plastic, and using clay pots for other plant types.

My bulbs and other items seems to like clay... but the colder temperature of the clay, especially unglazed, doesn't seem to make my orchids happy, at all.

Just so you are aware... :-)

I do like them, though!

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