Some random bulb pics (several) from today

bluebonsai101(6a PA)June 14, 2010

I decided to take pics today before work as some of the plants were looking pretty good so thought I'd share.

Drimiopsis maculata:

Drimiopsis sp.

Drimopsis sp.

Ledebouria confusa

Ledebouria zebrina

Ledebouria zebrina flower

Boophane sp. 'Port Elizabeth'

Haemanthus humilis ssp. hirsutis (not a particularly hairy form though)

I still need to download a few more, but those will have to wait. Hope you like them :o) Dan

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

OK, one more of my favorites :o) Dan

Ledebouria floribunda:

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WOW...they are artificial.. arent they??.... you have such a great collection... how come you get each of them to bloom? your photography is classic too... treat to watch... thanks for sharing..


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vetivert8(NI-NZ zone 9a)

Mmmm. Love Ledebouria! If I was feeling slightly brave I'd scamper out and see if the Haemanthus is furry or not.

Most of all - I delight in that Boophane! Definitely architectural.

bluebonsai - did you notice the post on Ungeria? I know your addiction tends toward S African bulbs (or nearby) but ...

Meantime - thanks for the vicarious pleasure and the rush of 'Gotta Have!'. Deeply enjoyed.

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Chemocurl zn5b/6a Indiana(zone 5/6)

Great pics of some cool unique plants. Thanks for sharing.


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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Izhar, the nice thing about Ledebouria, Drimia, Drimiopsis is that they are so easy to bloom even in the house often times so if you can find some I'm sure you would have no problem at all growing them and flowering them in large numbers!!

vetivert, I always think of the Boophane as architectural so it is nice to see others think the same way!! I'm afraid that I am unfamiliar with Ungeria so did not comment on that post, but is is an interesting new plant I had not heard of.

Glad you liked them Sue :o) Dan

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