Before and after of my happy NBC in it's new 'mix'....

Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, VirginiaFebruary 14, 2011

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to share some pictures of my Night Blooming Cereus...It was given to me from a great friend in WA...Thanks Bo!!!

The soil was looking very is the pic before...

Now..the after of the "happy NBC" in it's new "gritty mix"..

Thanks to everyone who has given me the guidance and the helpful information to make me change the needs of all of my beloved plants/trees...this is the "first..." once springtime comes around... I can't wait...

I really love "the mix" it's wonderful.... :)

Thanks Al... for all of your support!!!

Take care everyone....

Happy Valentine's Day...

Laura in VB

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Wow! Look at that growth! The Cereus looks incredibly happy!

I'll bet you'll be moving it to a larger pot sooner than you think!

Way to grow, Laura! Happy Valentine's Day to you, too!

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

Lol - when I got your email, I wondered what the heck an NBC was. Now I know, after finally finding the thread!

I think everyone would have to admit that it looks like it has a much better shot at good growth/health after the change. You can be the judge come June. Do keep us posted!

If I'd've stayed up late enough last night, I might have found the thread & could have wished you a happy Valentine's Day. Looks like a 'belated' is the best I can do. ;o)

Thanks for sharing the pics - it looks great - even put it in terra cotta. You mean business! ;o)

Take care, and good luck.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Thanks Jodi..LOL..You are probably right about the size of the container for the NBC...but honestly..I was so excited to soak the old soil off of the NBC and get it started into the "new and improved mix" that I should have gone up in size!!!! I can't tell you how happy I am so see it in it's new mix...SO excited to get started !!! It will be so easy to repot next i'm not to concerned...I'm just loving the feeling of the "mix" in my hands!!! LOL..I know..sounds crazy..but only you "guys and gals" know what I mean!!!

Hi AL...You are right!!! The condition of the poor "NBC" soil was so poor..I almost was to embarrassed to post...but i really wanted everyone to see the before and after pics because of the wonderful change in the soil!!!

I can tell you that I won't have to wait until June to let you know how happy this little guy/gal is...You better believe that I will keep you all posted on the progress of my plants that have been "revived" with the new "mix"...

Thank you for the belated Valentine's ... That was nice of you!!

Terra Cotta...I really like these containers..I believe that I read something that you had posted about them being better for the gases and general balance for air circualtion....

Thanks again everyone for all of the support!!! I hope everyone had a great day...We had temps here in the mid 60's...then only to drop again for tomorrow..but, at least you can feel the warmth of the sun..that is encouraging!!!

Take care everyone...

Laura in VB

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I know exactly what you mean! The gritty medium does feel like a healthy mix... even before you get your plants in it! And once potted, don't they look happy and healthy?!

Your Cereus shot up about an inch pretty quickly, didn't it? It seems to have recovered well, and looks really nice!

I like using the unglazed terra cotta, too. It's permeable... it breathes! And, it allows for excess salts to leach through. I think it's healthier, plus I just like the look... especially as it ages. It has that shabby-chic look! :-)

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I swear I can see that new growth growing as I am staring at it!

Laura!!!! Fantastic!!! I can't believe that you flowed through with the mix and even making friends here. I knew you were a perfect candidate for doing this, since I have known you to be a positive and wonderful person.

I knew that you would be the same here, and I knew that you would follow through with the best care you could provide for your plants. I am so happy and so proud of you at the same time.

A big smile as I write this.

A big hug to you and my dear friend Jodi!

A BIG thank you AL, for taking the time to teach my friends or anyone for that matter that I can refer to this forum. You have not only been there for me, but for all of them. I can be confident that you will help anyone I send here to do what is best for their plants.

Laura, always feel free to question any success, or getting use to the mix.

Have a great day all and I will soon post a picture of my NBC that I think is first time starting a bloom in the same mix!


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Second sentence is suppose to say:

I knew you would MEET the same here, positive and wonderful people, that is what I meant to say.

Again in a rush to get to work.

Take care everyone


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hey Mike...thanks for the invite to come over to this forum...i have had more fun here and everyone is so kind and helpful...i think i will stay for awhile if you all dont mind!!! LOL...I will soon start the process of repotting into the "MIX"...I love it already...yes i think you (mike) said how beautiful it looks in the pots...everything about this mix is a possitive!!! How can anyone loose? i guess that i am an "AL FAN" LOL...thanks to Mike...

Take care everyone...

Laura in VB

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Laura: YW!

Let nothing discourage you from seeing your plants go from good health to VIBRANT health for more than extended short times in the same mix once it is planted. Even for years to come.

Many here have proven it's results with plant life that has sat in the same mix for much longer extended times that in bagged mixes.
A few have proven the science and facts behind it, and have shown how soil mix, in particular the 'gritty' one works in containers, and thank God for that!
Al, has even shown us the recipe after extensive years of study, trial and error.

Al has been very instrumental on these forums in helping hundreds if not thousands to be successful in growing plants in containers, whether they be difficult, rare, hard to grow, or easy, perennials, annuals, Bonsai to big plants and trees, and if it wasn't for him, most my friends would have never been a part of this forum. Thank goodness forums like this recognize an asset, and generous person when they have one.

I also remember a mix comparison and pics by 'Josh', 'greenman28', that showed us how long these mixes last, and then I see his gorgeous healthy plants, and those images have stayed in my head and that of my sister too.

Many members here and family and friends at my home have been indebted to Al and others as has been expressed, and what does he ask back?
That our plants benefit and thrive from his teachings and that we are well armed to understand how container gardening works.
His ability to teach with patience and honesty has been appreciated by dozens I know of personally. While we benefit from his knowledge and free helpings, it is up to us to apply what we learn here and put what we learn into practice.

You are certainly well on your way Laura!:-0)

I am personally proud of you and your willingness to be open minded without criticism for something you have yet to try and it is just exhilarating! I am also very thrilled you have met many good people here.

I am honored to have you stick around:-)


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I second what Mike says! Please do stick around... and never hesitate if you have a question or just want to show off the results of what you've accomplished! It's a great group of folks we've got! :-)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

I'll add a third voice to the chorus. I'm just thrilled you're pleased with your efforts and that you found a source for the ingredients. I too, hope you'll become a regular poster. We can use the added good cheer and enthusiasm around here. ;-) Take good care, L.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone...

Thanks to all for the kind words...I will not hesitate to come and share my findings as well as to ask any questions!!

You all make it so comfortable to ask any for that, I am grateful for all of the support!!! I'm sure that i will have many questions... LOL...

Jodik...My NBC has shot up since I repotted it in the "mix" and it didn't even have any chance to even blink when i made the switch!! I am goin to probably have to go up in pot size..(thinking of u Jodi!!) should have done that form the start...oh well...just another excuse to get my hands in that healthy mix!!! LOL..

My house is full right i have to find some time for myself to get back into the "plant mode"...
My kids decided to bring their dogs home with them (Spring Break) as is the count...My little weiner dog (12yrs old)
#2 2 year old weiner dog...
#3 4 mt old boxer (40lbs)
#4 3 mt old Black Lab (35lbs)
Take that recipe...mix it up...and you can imagine that there is alot of dogs that are running around here and going crazy....yep...the old Dashshund has had enough!!!
He's ready for the house to be back the way it was...LOL..

Jodi...I almost forgot to ask you...would you like a cutting from one of my Plumeria? I remember that Mike had mentioned that you may like a new cutting...I know that you have a few yourself..but if you would like to start another...I just pruned some of mine yesterday...I would be happy to share a cutting with you...let me know...ok?

Hi Mike..Thanks for the encourgement and the kind words...
Hope all is well up in MA...have you had any break in the cold temps? Our temps here are trying to warm up during the day...but are still in the low 30's during the night. I have not even put up the temporary greenhouse yet...we are working on a more solid structure this i will let you know how that goes!!!

Tell Sissy that I said hello...hugs to her as well!!!

AL...Many thanks to you...I will stick around and hope to contribute some good cheer every now and then...Thank you for the support and the great start to finding a new and exciting way to grow my tree and plants...

Did I mention..that i could almost see my NBC doing the "catsus" dance? is so happy that i would swear that it sways now and then!!! : )

Have a great day everyone...

Laura in VB

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How generous of you to ask, Laura! I'd love a cutting, but our weather isn't decent enough for shipping at the moment, I'm afraid. We've been greatly fluctuating from frigid and windy to almost spring like... so I'm not sure it's a good time to send plant materials safely through the mail. I'll email you... perhaps we can come up with a decent plan. :-)

As for bumping up in pot size, that's the beauty of the gritty mix... a larger pot can be used without fear of having to wait forever for the medium to dry out, and any roots drowning or suffocating. It will, of course, take a bit longer with more volume, but the margin for error in over watering is greatly reduced by using a freer draining, larger particled medium.

It's really amazing how quickly that plant recovered and put on new growth! I'd definitely say it's a happy little guy! :-)

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tapla (mid-MI z5b-6a)

No need to thank me, Laura. I enjoy helping, and feel it's a blessing that I can. I get as much from the act of helping as you get from being helped, so it's a wash. ;o)

Glad you plan on keeping us posted - it's always fun to follow the progress of others. As for feeling welcome, you can thank Mr. Mike for paving the way so that was sure to happen. I got an email from him, and I was only one of the many he sent it to, asking if we'd go out of our way to make you feel welcome. He knows we would have done that anyway, but he wasn't taking any chances. He often does that for his friends, which is one of the things that makes him such a special guy ..... not a bad grower either, in case you hadn't noticed.

Happy cactus dance, huh? I can see them

Take care.


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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone,

Jodi..sounds like a great plan..whenever you are ready just send me an email and i will send you a cutting...what varieties do you have? Do you have a Celadine? I have some different let me know what you like!!

Mike certainly has a wonderful collection of beautiful plants/trees...I hope to help you have some inflos this year know i want this for you!!!

Al...i just went upstairs..and the cactus was in a different position!! LOL...must be to close to the Plumerias and trying to do the "hula dance" : )

Take care evryone....

Laura in VB

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Already emailed, Laura... we're in business! :-)

I currently have just the two varieties... an Aztec Gold, and a white noid. I'm still very much a novice at Plumie growing, but I'm sure I'll learn quickly under your tutelage. :-)

Yes, Mike is a special guy... with excellent growing skills, to boot. All the guys and gals in the group are special, though. :-)

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Loveplants2 8b Virginia Beach, Virginia

Hello Everyone..

Thanks Jodi for the email...We will get you started with some beauties!! : ) I know you have plenty of other beautiful plants and Roses..but i will be very happy for you to have one of my "babies"...I just love these fragrant trees!!

I cant wait for you to get started... : )

Totally agree with you about everyone being special... : )
You have many great friends here...

Take care everyone..hope everyone has a great night!!!

Laura in VB

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No, Laura... WE have many great friends here! I hope you consider yourself one of the group! :-)

I'm very much looking forward to learning more about Plumerias and how they grow, and how best to care for them through the seasons! I've heard their scent is wonderful, but have yet to experience it. The two plants I have are, I'm sure, stunted by my inexperience and lack of knowledge. But I'm certain you'll help me get on track!

You have a great evening, as well! I'll be up for a while longer, having napped earlier during the cold, overcast, rainy and snowy afternoon! My, was that nice! :-)

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