Saving Tulip Bulbs Until Fall

jt_gardenerJune 8, 2011

I bought some red tulip bulbs last fall, but I waited too long to get them into the ground. I thought they were past saving in March as they were rather soft and a few even had a powdery green mold on them. Nevertheless, in an attempt to save them, I brushed off the powdery mold and planted them in pots.

To my great surprise, they came up, but they did not bloom. Now, the green leaves are dead, and I want to know how to save and protect the bulbs until next fall. Do I take them out of the pots, clip off the leaves, put them in a bag and place them in my refrigerator's crisper? If not, what do I do?


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In your climate to plant them again next year you would have to chill them in your refrigerator for at least 6 weeks before planting them in the fall. The best you could expect next spring is only about 1/3 would bloom. Most of us do not think the effort for the reward is enough and buy new bulbs every year. Of course we still have to chill them before planting in the fall/early winter. Al

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Thanks, Al. I do not especially mind the extra work of it. I was afraid to leave them in the pots much longer, though, as we have horribly hot summers here. I thought the heat might kill the bulbs. They must be hardier than I thought, though, to have survived in the bags in the cupboard from last fall to this spring. I was so surprised that they came up at all given the state they were in just before they went into the pots!

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