Red spider lily

gloriosarJune 26, 2010

I saw some bulbs today and they were called red spider lily and i thought they were so pretty. The package did not say much about them other than the name and how deep to plant them, i paid $5 a bulb so im hoping they can still be planted and im wondering if its too late/early to plant them, im hoping to grow them in containers if possible. The bulbs are nice and plump and not soft. Thanks for your advice!

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bluebonsai101(6a PA)

Assuming I'm on the same page and these are Lycoris then they are summer dormant so now is the time to plant. They flower in the fall and then grow leaves after that so you can see leaves any time there is no snow in the winter. They go dormant when it gets hot at the start of summer again. I sort of goofed and put the ones I got with white flowers out back many years ago and they do not get enough sun and so rarely flower for me.....guess I should dig them up and move them. Not all species of this are hardy to real cold temps, but I assume yours are since you bought them locally. They are pretty flowers :o) Dan

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iris_gal(z9 CA)

They probably need winter protection in your zone. Have you seen them in gardens in your area?

Sunset says 3-4 inches deep unless they are in a pot. If potted, give them a large one so they won't have to be disturbed for several years and plant with the tops exposed.

They're gorgeous. I potted the hot pink species without the lovely long stamens and they took a couple of years to bloom.

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Last year I got some red spider lilies bulbs along with one huge white spider lily bulb in a trade. The information I got is that its not hardy to zone 5. However I was talking to garden center worker who side they have client who says they are hardy in our zone. So I did a test. I planted one outside and two in a pot that I could bring indoors. The red spider lily survive one of the coldest harshest winter we've had in quite some time. I will give it another year just to be on the safe side. Plan to do the same thing with yellow ones I got this spring.

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