Gritty mix ingrediants in Utah?

KywittFebruary 27, 2013

does anyone in Utah know where to get the Gritty mix ingredients around the Provo area?

I'm happy to do my own research, but I'd like to glean from yours if possible. :-)

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For anyone who searches this later-

There's a Napa auto parts store where you can buy floor dry up in orem, it's part 8822., As of this writing it's 5.99 for a 24 quart bag.

there's also a ewing irrigation in orem that sells Turface, For about 12 dollars a bag. I'm not sure how big these bags are, but on amazon they're fifty pounds.

It's a choice between one or the other above. I think I'm going to go with Napa floor dry because the rumor is that there is fewer fines in those bags

You can get a twenty-four quart bag of repti bark for 25.99 at petco. The pieces looked a little big in the bag, but I'm willing to break it up if need be.

The only thing i'm having trouble finding is the crushed granite. It's my understanding that any non-pourous rock would do so I think I'm going to go with aquarium gravel which seems to be the appropriate size.

A twenty five pound bag is 18.99 at petco.

My only concern if whether or not they have a bag that isn't rainbow the next time I go up.

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