Flies on balcony box

brendan.hillFebruary 23, 2013


Can you help me solve a fly infestation? Unfortunately if I can't get rid of the flies then I don't think I can keep a veggie patch on the balcony.

I recently started a small herb garden in one of these self watering containers:


I water it daily from the top, and the bottom hadn't overflowed. I've used some potting mix + compost made from a Bokashi composter (doesn't fully compost, but breaks it down & ferments):


I've been watering the plants using the Bokashi "juice" (diluted 1:100) as recommended.

Problem is, the last few days flies have accumulated around the pot (see attached photo or click link):


The photo's a bit rubbish but there are heaps of flie scrawling all over it, and if I lift it up there are a bunch underneath.

I think the Bokashi juice is suspect because it's started to smell pretty putrid, which doesn't seem right & isn't how i used to smell.

Any ideas about what caused the flies to infest & what to do about it??


Here is a link that might be useful: photo of flies

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I think there is no doubt your compost is attracting flies. I would contact the supplier and ask, what am I doing wrong, to cause this problem. Al

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