basic self watering container question

moonowlFebruary 12, 2011

When I buy commercial self watering pots, it is simply some kind of plastic tray/grid that allows water to drain and collect in a space the bottom.

When I see home-made earthboxes and such, people seem to use pond filter-like water reservoirs or wicking tubes. Why? Can't you just for example, drill a bunch of holes into the bottom of gallon bucket and put it inside another 5 gallon bucket? Won't the water wick through the holes just as well as a wicking tube/pond filter?


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Here is a system that I used last year and should help answer your question. I built one last year and planted a White Hab in it and it way out performed the one in ground by 3 fold. I am planning 10 to 15 buckets this year.

Here is a link that might be useful: Global buckets

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Oh good golly, I didn't know the soil went INTO the cup/reservoir! The video was so much better, thank you. I guess I need a hole saw bit!

I always grew my hot peppers in containers. Fish, habs, jalapenos and serenos. They are brought resistant though. You think the buckets are the way to go with them?

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moonowl I am glad the videos helped.

I only did one bucket last year and it was much larger and produced 75 or so peppers compared to the one I had inground that was much smaller and yielded only 20 peppers, I did pull it out of the bucket after the season was over and all I can say was I was impressed with the root growth, the bucket was full from top to bottom of prolific roots.

I did modify the system they show by using 4" net pots instead of the plastic cups as the wick, the solo cups just seemed a little too frail for my liking, and yes it seems to be a great alternative to growing inground.


p.s. I wish I would have taken some pictures to share.

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