Ground Hog and Possum problem !!!

dannyholikati(7)May 15, 2006

We purchased an new home 3 years ago and I have finally cleared a area out back for vegetable garden..about 40x30...and we have groundhogs and possum...the area where our house was built was farmland and I think the ground hogs and possum were there before the house were built...I did buy a trap and have caught 1 possum so far and relocated him...I think that whe I catch and relocate the ground hog and possum that are there I will be is a neighborhood now and I think once I get rid of these guys no more will be question is...if I do not catch all of the groundhogs and possums before my garden is planted can I spray my seedlings with something(diluted tabasco sauce) or something...I do not want to kill these guys...they were there before us,but I do want a garden...what spray would work and not harm the seedlings...I am growing silver queen corn,cantaloupe,squash,watermelon,tomato and sweet peppers...I also heard that you can dust the seedlings with baby powder...PLEASE...ANY HELP WOULD BE GREATLY APPRECIATED...THANKS FOR YOUR HELP AND TIME...Danny

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Danny, my area has loads of deer and rabbits but my special homebrew recipe seems to keep them at a distance. Human urine dabbled around the garden perimeter after each rain. I save it up during the winter and spread once plants have germinated, not too close to the plants but close enough. It's free and plentiful but it does go fast during a rainy season. Might go into business one day, label the product as "P1ssoff!" ;o) - Try it, they won't like it! (esp after a long winter, ha).
Note : not sure if it will deter possums - they smell so bad themselves that they may not notice.

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Danny, I'll quote you from another site: "Opossums are in fact immensely beneficial to the environment. Opossums move around a lot, while rats and mice usually come to stay, not to mention the fact the oppossums will feed on mice if give the opportunity. They are the best squirrel-proff technology you can afford. From Creature Comforts by Joel Thomas" My question to you is- what problems do you have with possums, that you would want to relocate them?

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