How to store tulip bulbs during summer?

philly_gardenerJune 24, 2009

Hi, I planted some tulip bulbs in fall 2006. So far they bloomed during spring 2007, 2008, and 2009. I don't know what varieties they are, they were gift to me.

Since they are really crowded, I digged up the bulbs after the leaves turned yellow. 1/3 of the bulbs are big, 2/3 of the bulbs are half of the size of the big ones.

How should I store them during summer? Philadelphia area can be hot and humid.

1. Should I wash the bulbs clean first? Will washing make them less likely to get moldy?

2. Should I keep them in hot and dry place, like in the garage?

3. Or should I keep them in the cooler and dry place, like the basement?

4. Or in the fridge?

Thank you!

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lindac(Iowa Z 5/4)

Keep them cool and dry...a frig is OK if you don't store any fruits in it....they will keep the tulips from growing.
Put them in sawdust or or vermiculite and keep them dry. don't wash them.
I always put them back in the ground immediatly after digging I don't forget!
Linda C

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Thank you Linda! I will put them back in the ground too!

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