Insect Spray - plants damaged - will they recover?

beal.cabinMay 31, 2008

We sprayed Fruit and Vegetable Insect spray on all of our young vegetables in the ground to kill the bugs. Tomatoes, green beans, lettuce and peppers. We used this same spray last year and it was safe but this year in less than an hour all of the leaves were curled, wilted or burnt. My husband thinks that even if they live and bear any vegetables there will not be many. He wants to pull them all up and replant since we still have a chance at getting something in and matured this year if we do it now.

Has anyone else haf this happen? And is he right that these will not recover and we should pull them up and replant new ones? They were healthy and happy before this and hate to pull them if we don't need to.

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If there was some sort of contamination from a herbicide then there may not be much hope even after rinsing the plants. Any more info on the "product" itself? Did you use it straight from the original container or was it a concentrate that you diluted? If so, was the applicator cleaned out from previous use? Dilution factor correct?

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