Thinning Out Turnips

divesinJuly 15, 2008


This is my first year as a gardener. I planted turnips and although the leaves are growing the root part of the plant is not growing. I think I have planted them too close to each other. That was about a month and a half ago. Is it too late to thin them out? One of them is starting to flower.



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Probably too late since turnips are quick to bulk up and you say one is flowering now. I seed them semi-thickly and then thin to 3-4 inches apart about a week after popping up. I see that you are in Canada, turnips do make for a good fall crop (even better tasting in fall) so if you replant them about 5-6 weeks before your first frost date you should get a good fall harvest, they can take a light frost with no problem.

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