Please tell me I didn't ruin my garden!!

jbaker9000July 13, 2008

I am such an idiot! I have been fighting grass and weeds in my garden, more of them than vegetables! So I got the roundup concentrate plus out, mixed and sprayed some of the weeds. Do you think I ruined it? I had read the package and it said to cover them from overspray so not to kill them, but then I read DO NOT USE in vegetable gardens, right there on the front! DUMB DUMB! So what does anyone think?

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It depends on why it said "do not use on veggie garden", does it mean poisonous to eat or does it mean it'll kill your veggies? If there is an 800# on the bottle I'd call to find out.

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If you didn't hit the plants with spray, you'll be fine. If you did hit the plants with spray, you'll know it, they'll likely show it within a week.

Don't forget 'roundup ready' corn, soy, canola, and so on, brought to you by your friends at Monsanto, made to be sprayed.

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