Just a little rant - need to vent...........

dancinglemons(7B VA)July 19, 2010

Hello all,

I am almost always a mild mannered, easy going GW member. Today however I need to have a little pity party.

Does it bother anyone but me when you post something and you really want/need an answer from someone with similar circumstances -and- someone who has absolutely NO experience with the issue answers your post?? I am referring to a person gives the first answer to your post and who starts their post with "I do not have any experience with your issue but perhaps someone here will give you some tips on what to do." What happens then?? Your post immediately goes down, down, down the list and may eventually get lost and the result is you get no help with what may be an urgent issue.

OK I've said it. Just needed to vent.........

I will now get back under my rock...........


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I'm not experienced with the issue you raised, but my pepper crop this year is excellent.

Also, I have a cat.

Whatever you were talking about, try putting some milk and baking soda on it. My neighbor suggested that.

Speaking of, my neighbor...phew...let me tell you about him!


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good one, nc-crn!

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wayne_5 zone 6a Central Indiana


I don't have experience in the problem you brought up, but I just want to rattle off a bit so pardon me.....now what was I going to say?...

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oregonwoodsmoke(5 OR Sunset 1A)

Actually, I think when someone gives you a non-responsive answer, it moves your post back up to the top of the list.

If your post has gone unanswered for awhile, some kind person might post to bump your note back up to the top and give it another chance to be seen by a person who does have the answer.

Truth is, if you don't get an answer, probably no one on the forum that day has the answer or relevant experience with that particular problem in your zone.

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heather38(6a E,Coast)

Oh I feel bad, as I understand what you are saying, but I have seen post's at the top and they sit there for a while, and no answers, so I answer, not always, I see one sitting for a few days, and suddenly someone answers, and for some reason, if a post get an answer all be it, I don't know! it does then seem to spark others to reply, so for a while I would answer, I am not sure but, us newbee's need to flex our new gardening skills, and we are never going to claim we know anything, so sorry, I am that person, and done it a lot, but for some reason, if a post is not getting a reply, that does seem to work :)

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I think it depends on the forum, some seem to leave the unanswered questions at the top until they get a reply, some send them down the list unless they get a reply which bumps them back to the top.

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spaghetina(SF Bay Area)

I've done it. /shrug Yes, sometimes people want definitive answers, but sometimes people want definitive answers AND for others to chime in and either back up the definitive answer or just to offer an opinion. I know that I enjoy reading others' suggestions, even if they haven't experienced exactly what I'm going through, or if they don't really know what it is that's wrong with (fill in the blank) because it gives me some perspective on what other gardeners would do, if in my exact same position, while also lacking a definitive answer, like me.

Would it frustrate me if the only replies I ever got were conjecture? Yes, but I would assume that it was just that there wasn't a real, solid answer that anyone here could give.

Also, I've found that a lot of the time, unanswered posts are more likely to stay unanswered because I think a lot of people skip over them (I often do unintentionally), but once there's at least one reply, interest in the question and its corresponding answer is piqued, and others begin chiming in.

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prairiemoon2 z6 MA

I'd have to agree with previous posts and I have had that same experience. [g] But it doesn't usually bother me. I've had the experience that as soon as there is one or two responses, usually you get more interest in your post. I often wonder if that is because people want to see what someone else said.

I would much rather have any response, rather than no response. I don't even care if someone has not had any experience and was just reminded of something funny they want to share. At least then I get a conversation out of it.

Really, I think 99% of people are eager to share some experience they've had to help you out, so if I don't get a helpful response, I think that either I worded the title of my post in such a way that my question was not clear, or no one had any experience with my problem or any helpful suggestions. If I really need an answer and my post is dropping, I will bump it up and ask again or ask my question at a different forum. OR....sometimes it occurs to me to Google it! lol More often then not I get a perfectly good answer!

Sometimes traffic on the forums has been a little slow.

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dancinglemons(7B VA)

Thanks to all who came to my pity party!! I regret we ran out of whine :-))


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Aww shucks but it was fun.


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