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bjorn773(5)November 5, 2008

Hello, I am new to the forum and this is my first posting. I have a question regarding the addition of manure to the vegetable garden. Last fall, we added about 5 cans containing about 30 gallons each of horse manure to our 16x24 foot garden. I also added ground leaves from the yard. This spring I tilled the soil. This year's yield was incredible compared to past years. My question is whether to add more manure and how much. My wife and I are debating about how many of the nutrients are still present in the soil. On one hand the manure did wonders for the soil. On the other we don't want to burn next years veggies by over-fertilizing. Any input will be greatly appreciated. Thanks, John

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The nitrogen from last years addition may be depleted by now so adding in more each fall shouldn't be a problem. It is good to do it way ahead of planting esp if the manure is fresh. If you see happy earthworms then you're on the right track. Plus the added leaves will use the nitrogen to break down into better conditioned organic material. That 16'x24' plot measures out to a little less than 1 gallon of manure per sq ft, so look at the soil before adding that much again as you are right about not over do-doing it ;o)

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