Zucchinni no flowers

dougal2010(8)November 21, 2010

My zucchinni plant looks fantastic, however there are no flowers. I planted the seeds the 1st week of September, what am I missing?

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hello..... i have them in my garden i planted in jan...2011.they are growing like a weed with large yellow flower on them.last year they did not grow.so i yanked out the old and replanted new ones. this time i used organic miracle grow.and also cow manu., in 2 weeks they were growing..now 2 months later...they have tons of yellow on them....i have the yellow squash and the ones called black beauty and summer squash too. they are all growing good.try the stuff i mentioned.it works great too.last year i did not use it..and i had bad results.so i redone it and used that stuff......good luck.ihopei was able to help in any way.email me if you like...i am having trouble with my russet potatoes. they seem to be growing....i mean there a green growing like crazy and i keep adding soil.but i do not know when to pick them,do you know anything about those....my email....roxierox66@att.net
take care

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