HilaryalJune 26, 2011

A question on crinums. I was lucky to be given a bucket of crinum bulbs late last fall. Due to family illness, they were left laid out in our shop until I could get them in the ground in early spring. By then most had green shoots 1" - 5" long. I planted them anyway. By now, most have either disappeared completely, or withered to browning leaves, more like a typical fall. We've had a really wet winter/spring here in the NW, but our drainage is not bad and I put them in lots of different areas to increase their chances.

I'm encouraged to read that they're tough, so should I just leave them and hope, or dig one up and see if they've rotted away? Guess I could do that anyway, but would prefer not to disturb if they stand a chance.

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I would be very surprised if they did not survive the treatment you describe. Mine have been treated badly and recovered very well. Al

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donnabaskets(Zone 8a, Central MS)

I agree with Al. Assuming they are getting plenty of sunshine, once your soil warms thoroughly, chances are good they will reappear. They are very tough, don't mind wet, heavy soil. One thing you could do is give them a good sprinkle of blood meal or a fish emulsion drench. They also love an annual top dressing of composted manure.

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Al and Donna - thank you both for encouragement. I'll try some extra manure (I plant almost everything with a handful or two of well composted manure and it usually works well), and blood meal or fish emulsion - and keep watching. Although crinums are supposed to prefer warmer zones than ours, several of my neighbors have had success.

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